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i am weightless in a sea of faces

Cylindrical Walls [Remix/Remaster] Now Available 

A new, improved version of Cylindrical Walls has been released.  The songs on this new album are closer to what I intended them to sound like.  Let me know what you think by supporting my music!  The proceeds will go to website fees, etc. and will help me continue to make future releases.  Thanks for your support.

Purchase the album here

Happy Holidays!  

Hi Folkie Folkerton, I just wanted to say thank you again to all who have supported this music project, and I wish everybody a safe and happy holidays.  I started recording these songs without really knowing much about what I was doing (it probably shows), and it's been a slower process than I'd like it to be.  However, I've been acquiring better equipment, more knowledge, and more experience as the years wander.  I'd like to share with you a remixed/remastered version of Microscope Lights that I've been working on.  I think that it is closer to what I wanted the song to sound like. Take a moment to listen and compare.  If you are able to, please consider investing in and supporting my music project.  And if you are struggling this year and can't (like myself), just enjoy the music and tell a friend! 



Weightless Single available in the store! 

Hi there! "Weightless", the new NMN single, is available for download in the store!  It is a bit different than anything else that I've been working on.  Also available in the store is a free download of the hi-res artwork for Weightless created by Stacey Nelson.  Thanks for dropping by and tuning in!

Cylindrical Walls Digipak CDs are now available! 

Hello all, the Digipak CDs have arrived and they are looking awesome!  Thanks to Stacey Nelson again for the beautiful artwork (see below) and support of this project!  The CDs are available for 9.99+shipping in the store.  Purchasing the CD also includes a free download of Cylindrical Walls in the format of your choice.  Please stay safe and healthy out there!

Cylindrical Walls Online LP released! 

Hello all, I'm excited to announce the release of the Cylindrical Walls LP!  It is available for purchase and download in the store.  This album started with two tracks almost a year ago to the date (Beauty and Butterflies) and has grown to 8 tracks and 54 minutes of music that I hope you will all enjoy. 

You can listen to the album on the NMN site and it will also be available on all major streaming sites within the next few weeks. 

A physical CD will also be available next month.  It includes some incredible artwork by Stacey Nelson. Sign up for the email list on the Home Page to receive updates about the CD!

Thank you to everyone that has generously purchased the album so far!  Please stay safe and healthy! -- Nate

Become a Patreon! 

Hello, if you like the music available on this site and would like to support this project, please become a Patreon at

Exclusive tracks to download as they are completed as well as a free CD for members!  Thank you and stay safe!

Thank you! 

Thanks to all who have supported this music project!  You can find all of the songs from the NMN EP playing now on all of the music streaming networks listed on the menu.